* Signature 5: The Signature 5 program is for children ages six to fourteen and each group is limited to five kids and one instructor. This offers a unique small group experience while your child develops skills or enhances existing ones. The levels range from first timers to experts and are for skiers and snowboarders. The lesson goes from 9am to 3pm, 6-hours, and includes lift privileges and lunch of their choice at one of the on-mountain restaurants.

* Signature 3: The Signature 3 program is for children ages three and a half to five, but your child must be toilet trained. The classes are limited to three kids per child-specialist instructor so they will certainly get personal attention. The lessons are 6 hours long going from 9am to 3pm or 9:45 to 3:45, but are broken up into two 75-minute sessions and include indoor activities. The kids start on the magic carpet and once they are ready, move over to the beginner area where the instructor will ride with them at all times. These lessons are for skiers only and range from first-timers to accomplished wedge turners. The lesson includes rentals (not helmets), lift privileges, and lunch.

*One-Hour Signature Private Lessons: The one-hour private lesson is for skiers only, ages three to six. This one-on-one lesson is great if you want your child to test the waters and have a lesson, but are worried about putting them in an all or half-day lesson.

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Park City Resort: Lessons

Park City tries to focus their ski schools on providing personal attention from excellent instructors. Park City Resort was one of the first ski schools in North America to guarantee that your child's class would have no more than five children in it. This program is the Kid's Signature Programs and is for children ages six to fourteen. Another benefit is that all students can choose the lunch of their choice at one of the on-mountain restaurants.

In conjunction with the National Ability Center, Park City Mountain Resorts offers a variety of ski and snowboard lessons to people with disabilities. Special equipment is provided, and all of the instructors are specially trained in the adaptive techniques of 3-track, 4-track, mono-ski, bi-ski, guiding skiers who are blind, and teaching people with cognitive and developmental disabilities. The lessons are available to all levels from beginner to competitive racers and occur at the Resort.

If you will be in the Park City area for a longer period, you should look into some of the special programs that they offer. With these programs, you will get the opportunity to learn and advance with the same instructor. Half the battle is learning, but in practice and repetition, you will be able to improve faster. Seeing the same coach each time helps, because you will be more comfortable to ask questions and try out new things. You also will not have to waste time while the instructor tries to figure out exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are. These lessons include the Ski College, the Local Adult Program, the Local Youth Programs, and Telemark Lessons. At the Ski College, you will take five lessons on consecutive days with the same instructor. The Local Adult Program is for adults who want to improve on their racing skills. The Local Youth Program runs on Saturday or Sundays and has separate sub-groups that cover just about anything your child may want to learn how to do

Group lessons are for skiers and snowboarders fifteen years and older, and rang from first-timers to advanced. All of these lessons will meet at thePayDay steps across from the Skiway.

- Signature never-ever half day ski or snowboard: If you have never skied or snowboarded before, these lessons introduce you to the sport in a stress-free atmosphere. The lessons last 3 hours and go from 9:30am to 12:30 or 1 to 4pm. Like the children's lessons, there is a maximum of five people per group so you will still get personal attention in these lessons. Lift ticket and rentals are included in the lesson price.

Adult Group Half Day: For riders' levels 2-4, beginner to intermediate, who are looking to build on their fundamental skills should take these 3-hour lessons. The times are 9:30 to 12:30 or 1 to 4 pm. These lessons are a good way for you to improve on existing skills while building the confidence you will need to reach the next level.

- Skier's Workshop: if you are an upper level skier who wants to progress specific skills or work on a personal goal, then take this 3 hour group workshop. You should be an intermediate to expert skier and the lessons only meet once a day from 1 to 4 pm.

- Snowboard Freestyle Workshop: These lessons are for intermediate or expert snowboarders, level 6 and up, who want to improve specific skills or work on a personal goal. The workshop is three hours long and goes from 1 to 4pm.

- Power Clinic: You will work for two hours with Park City Resorts most experienced pros, in a variety of terrain, to become a stronger, more technical skier. The clinic is only open to advanced and expert skiers, levels 7 & 8 and goes from 8:45 to 10:45 am.

If you want one-on-one attention, where you can set your own goals and have an instructor there to help you reach them, then a private lesson is a good option. The instructors can also give you advice on where to find secret powder stashes, hidden runs, and après ski activities. With such a large mountain, this is a great way for an advanced rider to find new areas.

*Full Day: This is a seven hour, all day, private lesson for skiers or snowboarders. The levels range from beginner to expert and go from 9am to 4pm.

* Half Day: The half-day private lessons are Park City's most popular, because you get three or so hours to learn and practice new techniques with an instructor and then have time to go out on the mountain to practice these skills on your own. These lessons go from 9am to 12:30pm or 1 to 4pm and are for beginner to experts.

*Walk-Ups: If you decide once you get to the mountain that you would like to take a lesson, private lessons are available depending on availability. They offer six, two, and one hour lessons with varied times depending on availability.

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